The Lessons in the Advanced Course go into much more detail than the Free Lessons on this site. There are 10 lessons covering a wide range of topics.

Lesson 1; Getting started, ovals, simple expressions, eyes, noses, hands, & more.
Lesson 2; Bodies and Body Language, faces, characters, action & more.
Lesson 3; Line, shading, cross-hatching, ink wash & more.
Lesson 4; Humorous illustration, techniques, topics and ideas.
Lesson 5; Backgrounds, perspective, signatures & more.
Lesson 6; Animals, bodies, faces and movement.
Lesson 7; Caricature, individuals, types & more.
Lesson 8; Strip cartoons, developing characters, frames, writing, special effects.
Lesson 9; Animation basics, movement, colour & more.
Lesson 10; Creating jokes, political cartooning techniques, recommended reading.

You can choose to either buy any of the Lessons individually for $25 AUD(Australian dollars) or buy the full package of 10 for $199 AUD. Click here for currency conversion.
Both offers include a COACHING feature, where you can ask questions and get direct advice by email from
Alan Moir about the lessons.

Click here for a sample lesson.

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