Unframed - $330
Colour or Black & White
Prices include GST and postage and packaging.

Approx. A3 size (about 27x37cm)
Finished drawing is posted in protective packaging.
What To Do
Send at least 3 or 4 photos to the address below, along with a description of the subject’s hobbies. If possible also include a side-on photo view of the subjects face.
Your Money-back if not satisfied
Sometimes the caricature just doesn’t work. If this is the case I am happy to try again if you wish, or return any monies that may have been paid.

Sometimes photos don’t show the true colour of eyes or hair. If this is the case, let me know.
The drawing usually takes 10-14 days, though arrangements can usually be made for urgent orders.
Cheque or  Money Order only, made out to  A.Moir P/L
Send photos (these are all returned).
to:  Alan Moir
      PO Box 981,
      NSW   2541
or email to: