How To: Purchasing Gift Subscriptions

Purchasing Gift Subscriptions is now easier than ever, in this short guide we’ll give you the step by steps!

Step 1: Login or Create an Account

If you’re already a subscriber to moir, simply login to your account, otherwise if you’re new to the site and only looking to purchase a subscription as a gift, create a free account.

Step 2: Choose the Subscription you want to gift

We have 2 main subscription options, a monthly subscription and an annual subscription, on special occasions (such as Christmas) we also have special deals going. Choose whichever option you’d like. In this example we’ll choose the Monthly Subscription:

Step 3: Choose your payment method, and click the checkbox “Is this a gift?”

Step 4: Send the gift link to anyone you like for them to redeem!

Simply copy the link and send it via our form on the confirmation page, or you can send it however you like (via email, text as long as they can click on it).

And that’s it! Once your recipient clicks on your link and redeems it, they will be start getting cartoons delivered straight to their inbox.

You can view and manage your gift subscriptions and see if anyone has redeemed them under your Account Page

If you run into any problems, contact us at